What's New in Newforma Info Exchange

New and Improved Interface

The Newforma web client interface has been completely re-vamped in Ninth Edition to simplify navigation and provide a richer, more interactive experience.

Watch the video for an overview.

Project Home: Simple View

The Simple View provides a streamlined interface for faster access to information with improved usability.

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Project Home: Custom View

You can personalize Project Home with more advanced project information widgets like calendars, project team listings and image galleries.

Easier Submittal and RFI Responses

Responding to submittals and RFIs using a browser has never been easier.

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Better Submittal and RFI Tracking

The enhanced submittal and RFI logs provide at-a-glance review, sorting and filtering of project submittals.

Optimized for Touch Screens

The site has been optimized for touch-screen navigation on smartphones and tablets.

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